How to Draw a Cartoon Car – 5 Useful Tips

Drawing a cartoon car can be just as simple as drawing a couple of line with two wheels and a couple of windows. However, to draw a nice cartoon car, you would need an imaginative and playful mind and definitely a good dash of humor. One thing to note before beginning your drawing: throw away whatever recollection of the actual car you have in mind and let you imagination run wild. Here a little guide on drawing a cartoon car:

Tip No 1: Cartoon Cars do not have straight edges. 4anime
Almost all cartoon cars begin with curves lines to define the body hood and back of the car. Use this as your starting point to begin your drawing

Tip No 2: Start from the front and work to the back
Define the hood and front of the car before moving to the back. Head-lights and front grills play important visual role as they would be the first elements to be seen.

Tip 3: Fill in the windows
Start with the windscreen and make the other windows a smaller version of the windscreen

Tip No 4: Pimp your car
Once you have the basic structure done, it is time to add in the details. Pay particular attention to the items that stand out. Bumpers, Side mirrors, skirting’s, hood ornaments can all be jazzed up to make your car look even better.

Tip No 5: Choose your color
Once you have finished with the detailing, it is time to choose your colors. Depending on the cartoon character or story, you would want to choose a color that matches reality or one that is totally far out. There are no rules in the cartoon world.

So this is the five tips that I can give you to begin sketching your cartoon car. An additional advice, nobody gets the first attempt right. If you don’t like what you have done, just go back and do it again.

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